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Do you know what the top talents in all fields have in common?

It's the way they practice.

The Principles of Mastery through Practice Training

By Carmen Morin

Achieving mastery is learning to practice. This training is not instrument-specific. It is for all people developing a skill or trait through practice



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It's not just about putting in the time. The principles of practice are the core principles that can be applied to train any skill, ability, or character trait.

Learning to practice is invaluable.

Effective practice is not about hours and repetition. In fact, practicing in the wrong ways can actually make you worse at what you're working towards

What you'll learn in this class:

  • All practice is not equal - what determines high-quality practice?
  • How to isolate what aspects are holding you back
  • The mindset to demystify talent
  • How to intentionally shape skills so that you can rely on them
  • An exact framework to apply to all skills or character traits you want to build through practice
  • An understanding of how skills are built so that you apply to all of your goals

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Nice things students have to say about Principles of Practice:

“This program is something I wish I had come across sooner in life. I will be revisiting this regularly."

- John P., United Kingdom

As a coach who specialises on prioritising passions, I love this - it's so spot-on! People have it backwards when they expect to just "find" their passion - at best they'll be lucky and stumble on something, when the more reliable process is to look at what catches your interest and then work on developing that <3 Thank you so much for this!

- Sibylle L., Croatia

Carmen, I found this entire presentation very fascinating. I think mastery is what I would like. I think you have supplied us with some very valuable information to ponder...I am very excited! Thank you, very much! Looking forward to this!!

- Eiress L., USA

“So much of what you say is true of not only mastering new skills but also being comfortable with skills already acquired, whether the particular skill of plahying the piano or a general skill of being comfortable where you are in life itself. A great, short comprehensive and practice guide of being satisfied with where one is while working toward a sometimes changing goal."

- Frank, PFF Graduate

“Thank you for sharing these principles to help me in my goal of mastery through practice. Not just in piano playing, but in character development!! So enlightening, inspiring and encouraging! I will put this into practice and share what I have learned. Wish I had known these when I was young! Will keep on reviewing, until I have built and mastered skills through these 3 steps. Thank you so much!"

- Corazon C., USA

“Thank you Carmen. This short course is amazing. It has taught me so much. I, like many others, seemed to practice & practice but never get far...I will be revisiting this during my journey."

- Kerry B., Australia

Thank you so much for this amazing lesson set on how best to approach practice or taking on any new skill. I deeply appreciate it!

- Rudelle J., USA

“I enjoyed and was challenged every minute! A very coherent and focused presentation"

- David, PFF Graduate

For All Skill Levels

Principles of Practice is a short, comprehensize framework designed to help you get un-stuck as you work towards any goal through practice. The presentation has been utlized by professionals and amatuers in a wide variety of professions and industries to help you work towards your goals.

A Word From Carmen

“I love the people, and my greatest inspiration comes from helping to empower others to reach for their goals with actionable tools and simple clarity. I hope this tool helps you springboard to what you'd like to achieve next."

Carmen Morin