My signature step-by-step systems are tailored to support each individual experience with thorough instruction.

Realize your full musical potential


Start strong and connect to music as language

Build a solid foundation and learn the tools of classical piano technique to apply to all styles of music.

Who is this for?

  • Beginner pianists with no past experience
  • Start strong and learn how to interpret sounds from the score
  • Best suited for Beginner piano students, or those who may feel they have gaps in their music literacy
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Train reliable skills to grow your musicianship

Build a solid foundation and learn the tools of classical piano technique to apply to all styles of music.

Who is this for?

  • My signature technique and foundation course that addresses the root of the technical limitations most pianists face.
  • Learn the foundation of technique and musicality to apply to all levels and all styles of music
  • Best suited for Early Intermediate to Advanced students and Teachers

An exclusive piano program and lesson experience available only to graduates of Piano Foundation Formula. Reach for your full potential with clear guidance and individualized feedback in this community of growth and support.

Who is this for?

  • This exclusive opportunity is for all graduates of Piano Foundation Formula
  • A supportive and interactive global community of growth minded pianists

Don’t take my word for it — hear what students have to say!

“Attending your course is the best decision that I have ever made during my piano learning journey! I’m thankful to have you as our teacher as you have inspired me to learn piano in a new perspective! I always felt that learning piano is challenging and requires pure talent. But you taught me that anything is possible with the right tools in place! I’m looking forward to advance my piano skills and to continue this learning journey with you!”

Jasmine K., Singapore

“I’ve never heard someone articulate so well how neuroscience, mental health, our body mechanics and the daily habits we lay out in the brain will lay the foundation for success.”

Jen S., Canada

“…the amount of value I took away for the price was amazing.… I can’t express how grateful I am to have found Carmen’s course on Instagram.”

Edith L., USA

“I wasn’t sure if it would be suitable for my level of playing ability or not. I was worried I was going to be wasting money at a time when finances are a bit uncertain. I am SO SO SO glad I did the course.”

Jayne R., Australia

“I really feel like I have struck gold being on this course. Your instruction style is utterly brilliant cutting straight to the core of the issue. So clear that I am excited to get practicing!”

Steve B., United Kingdom

I give this course 5 stars

“I decided to take the course and was not disappointed!

I enjoyed that the classes were very detailed. Each class had a handout for homework and review. I also enjoyed the way Carmen was available to answer any questions we had. The community forum made us feel more cohesive as a group and her videos made me feel as if she was right there with me as I practiced. She was very personable, patient, and willing to help at all times. She even gave personal video answers to her students! Because of this, I felt that she gave so much added value to the course. The course was worth way more than she charged. I could tell that she had a genuine desire to inspire students to love learning and playing piano.

“I learned so many new things during this course. But the biggest take away I got was learning that playing the piano involves the whole body, mind, and spirit.”

Christallin J., USA

“...this shift of mindset ALONE is worth the cost of course. I’m having trouble not harbouring ill-will toward past teachers who taught me countless exercises that actually do the exact opposite…”

Paul L., USA

“My mum originally signed my up for the course as just something to do during the summer. I wasn't sure I would like it. However it turned out to be really fun and enjoyable. I had a lot of fun and the presentation of each module was easy to follow along. And the style of each video was engaging.”

Gabrielle H., Canada

“This is great. I never got any of this in previous lessons.”

Phil G., USA

“I loved how systematic your approach is. Many teachers that I have had do not have systems in place to teach in a logical way—as a kid and into university I felt really lost and didn't really understand what I was suppose to do, and what the next step was, or even if I had any progress/milestones.... I really appreciated this and have incorporated it into my private studio lessons. I can see a huge shift in my students!”

Delisa K., Canada

“I just want to express how dumbstruck I feel! I’ve learn to play the keys without really knowing the meaning of these keys! Thank you for this lesson...it really strike a chord with me.”

Annie Y., Singapore

“I was very impressed that you kept a 14 year old teenager’s attention all summer and he wanted to work on his piano 5 out of 7 days a week without me even saying anything. I watched the first bit and was very impressed. Thank you so much Carmen for the huge amount of work you put into this program. I can’t wait to see if his piano teacher notices any difference in his playing.”

Susan F., Canada

“I loved it. I really needed it and will continue to work through it and always use it as a source of information. Thank you much!”

Denise E., USA

“I highly recommend this to anyone out there who wants to improve their technique.”

Lenworth W., USA

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