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60 Days to Meaningful Music Literacy. A structured system to start strong learning the musical language

Who is this for?

  • Beginner pianists with no past experience
  • All levels interested in a focused review of beginner material
  • Start strong and learn how to interpret sounds from the score
  • Best suited for Beginner piano students, or those who may feel they have gaps in their music literacy
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Your Technique Toolkit for reliable skills that will grow your musicianship for a lifetime.

Train and refine the foundational skills that apply to all levels of learning and styles of music

Who is this for?

  • My signature technique and foundation course that addresses the root of the technical limitations most pianists face.
  • Learn the foundation of technique and musicality to apply to all levels and all styles of music
  • Best suited for Early Intermediate to Advanced students and Teachers

Your Personalized and Flexible Learning Experience

Accelerate your Momentum

Learn the proven Momentum Mastery learning system:

  • Learn a system effective for Pianists of all levels and backgrounds
  • Proven method to build confidence through experience
  • Long lasting results for reliable skills and confidence
  • Unlock tools of expression and connection through music

Break through limits to unlock your talent and confidence using the powerful 4-part Momentum Mastery piano learning system.

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“…the amount of value I took away for the price was amazing.… I can’t express how grateful I am to have found Carmen’s course on Instagram.”

Edith L., USA

“I wasn’t sure if it would be suitable for my level of playing ability or not. I was worried I was going to be wasting money at a time when finances are a bit uncertain. I am SO SO SO glad I did the course.”

Jayne R., Australia

“I really feel like I have struck gold being on this course. Your instruction style is utterly brilliant cutting straight to the core of the issue. So clear that I am excited to get practicing!”

Steve B., United Kingdom

Jayne R., Australia

I love Momentum!

I'm loving this course, each piece has so many learning points!

Mizuki B., Canada

It has been an amazing inspiration to me, and I have only explored a fraction of what is on offer”

Louise M., United Kingdom