#1:Finding Clarity in Music Lessons

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Welcome to our very first episode of the Music Mindset Podcast!
Clarity is so important when you are working towards ANY goal, but especially when it comes to deciding you’re going to learn something like a musical instrument. Use this worksheet to develop awareness around the learning process. Put pen to paper and save your answers to be your ‘guiding star’ when you experience challenges or frustrations along the way.
Reminder that it’s not just about listing the many benefits of learning music. This simple step can help to build an awareness of learning process is where you will start to cultivate tools and learning strategies that you can apply to all other learning. I have seen it support many students and families, so I hope you find it serves you well.

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Carmen Morin
Concert pianist, educator and arts entrepreneur.
I empower pianists with transformative learning systems to break through technical limits, unlock talent, and build lasting confidence.

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