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It is with great excitement that we announce that our Executive Director, Carmen Morin has been inducted into the Steinway & Sons Teacher Hall of Fame in New York.
This prestigious designation recognizes North America’s most committed and passionate piano educators, and Carmen Morin was included in the first class to receive this award.
This honour is limited to only one piano teacher per region and Ms. Morin is the first to receive this designation in her region. She was honoured to have been both nominated by Steinway Piano Gallery Calgary and then chosen to be inducted to the Hall of Fame by Steinway and Sons head office in New York

In the induction notice, Steinway CEO Ron Lasby writes:

Your passionate commitment to teaching and inspiring young people in their study of piano music is commendable and rare. Through your efforts, you help students lay the foundation for a lifetime of musical and artistic expression.

Carmen was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the historic New York Steinway factory on October 24th, 2019, and her name is now displayed on a commemorative listing at the iconic Steinway Piano Factory in New York City.
She is sincerely thankful to the support of Steinway & Sons, to our esteemed faculty at Morin Music Studio, and everyone in our City’s community for such ongoing support and commitment to music education.
Carmen Morin
Concert pianist, educator and arts entrepreneur.
I empower pianists with transformative learning systems to break through technical limits, unlock talent, and build lasting confidence.

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