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Learn the proven Momentum Mastery learning system:

  • Learn a system effective for Pianists of all levels and backgrounds
  • Proven method to build confidence through experience
  • Long lasting results for reliable skills and confidence
  • Unlock tools of expression and connection through music

Break through limits to unlock your talent and confidence using the powerful 4-part Momentum Mastery piano learning system.

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If you're ready to unlock your talent and experience unshakable confidence at the piano, it's time to work with a clear path forward...

You want to improve...great!

But guess what?

The results and growth you want to experience need more than your hope and determination. You need:

  • The most impactful next steps allow you to progress quickly and work efficiently.
  • To learn within a system designed to move you forward allows you to experience maximum fulfillment in your musical journey
  • Intentional growth strategies to build your confidence at the piano through your own personal experience

There are specific steps and strategies that will propel you forward...

And common mistakes that hold far too many people back.

When you are clear of the learning strategies to apply, and the specific skills and tools to develop, the music you play becomes a vehicle to advance your skills, build your confidence and experience a sense of fulfilment through your musical experiences.

...all while expanding your palate and unique identity as a musician and artist.


Every Moment Counts.

When it comes to building skill and confidence, there is no substitute for experience. Every action you take (or don’t take) is either a step toward or away from where you want to be.

Steve B., United Kingdom

What you have created is incredible and massive value to anyone looking to grow and improve musically. You are an inspiration and the opportunities to perform during the live sessions are an invaluable resource for building confidence.

Juliette D., Australia

I don’t know how others feel, but this piano course and group provides so much more than improvement in piano technique and skill. There’s also a lot of personal growth. Thank you Carmen Morin, you’re doing so much more than teaching piano!

Here's the thing...


Tell me, have you experienced any of these at the piano?

  • You keep learning new pieces but don't feel confident your skills are improving
  • You enjoy playing for yourself, but lose all confidence when you play for others
  • Physical tension and technical limitations hold you back from expressing the music within you
  • Memorizing music feels like something you wish for, but without clear or tangible strategies you don't trust your memory for performance
  • Wishing you could sit and play how you feel, but you struggle to express yourself and connect to others with the music you make

Your growth is not about learning the notes of yet another piece.

It’s ensuring we develop all of the elements and skills in each piece we learn.

It's developing all aspects of YOU that you'll need to succeed

The Momentum Mastery System:

  • Is a framework that is customizable to the unique journey of piano students of all levels and backgrounds
  • Allows for the development of all aspects needed for musical growth - mindset, physical ability and technical skills, critical listening, confidence, and performance
  • Eliminates overwhelm with a clear path forward
  • Is designed to move you forward, without frustrating plateaus

It’s about the journey...

Schumann famously wrote that one must always

“Endeavour to play easy pieces well and with elegance; that is better than to play difficult pieces badly.”

Our goal in Momentum is to explore each layer of learning our music and know that the beauty, enjoyment and lasting skill development comes from high-quality attention to each layer along the way.

To support developing our greatest skill and also the deepest enjoyment of the musical process.

Jayne R., Australia

I love Momentum!

I'm loving this course, each piece has so many learning points!

Mizuki B., Canada

It has been an amazing inspiration to me, and I have only explored a fraction of what is on offer”

Louise M., United Kingdom

It’s time to jumpstart your Momentum

Momentum Piano Academy™ is a program and community of growth, accountability, and support. 

The Momentum Mastery learning system is a 4-part framework that applies to all levels of playing and all stages of learning.

Designed to implement tactical strategies that will set you on the trajectory to lifelong growth, confidence and ability.

Rudelle G.

Thank you so much, Carmen! I so appreciate this amazing space for learning and for growing in study under you and under the wonderful coaches working with you. Thank you all so much!🙏🏼❤️

Robert M., CANADA

I am finding it immensely exciting and rewarding! I’ve made significant progress already!

The Momentum Mastery learning system is for those who are ready to dive deep in experience learning music through study, active listening and performance.

The system is flexible, and the framework allows you to learn at your own pace while maintaining forward motion.

Learning with individualized guidance within a unique global community. Ensuring your development in all areas of a musician.

Are you ready?

Edith L., USA

“Thank you for everything you all do. This is a great investment for my self-care and it has been a joy to be a part of this.”

Jennifer M, - CANADA

“So interesting to see how every little nugget of feedback slowly shapes my technique!”

Momentum Mastery in Action:

Momentum Piano Academy™ is a supportive community with clear goals and step-by-step guidance for each layer of learning and aspect of musical development.

Apply to learn access the free training to break down the 4-part Momentum Mastery learning system that you can apply at every stage of your piano journey. Clear steps to ensure your forward momentum as a musician.



“An amazing learning experience. Love it!”

Genevieve B., CANADA

I consider Carmen the best music teacher I’ve ever had. If it was not for online courses, I would have never been able to receive such a high quality piano course with Carmen.



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Gary B., USA

Love the site, love the Teachers/Admin and a great community.


“The teaching element is excellent, and the community altogether is immensely encouraging.

There is much personalized feedback, relationship and engagement involved in this program and community. Therefore this program has limited seats and is by application only.

Apply to the free private training to learn the entire Momentum Mastery framework, and learn how this system can be applied to you and your own unique musical journey.

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