Happy New Year!

It’s 2020, can you believe it??!

A new year, a new DECADE. I love January. I love that is represents fresh starts but I have also learned to love that it really is the month of mystery. Let’s face it, there is nothing like our聽end-of-year reflections to remind us that we really have NO idea what lies ahead.
What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?
If you know me, you know that I am a big ‘planner’ and 10 years ago I had all of my plans sorted out (seriously, I legit had them all on spreadsheets). I was loving Motherhood (as I still am, of course) but was also a wife and very happy with my career teaching piano at the University. As far as I was concerned I had a roadmap for the next 15-20 years, at least.
Fast forward 10 years, I never could have imagined that I would open and run聽a music school (let alone fathom the size it has grown to). I had no idea the incredible colleagues and musicians it would allow me to work with. The families, and students that it would bring into my life. I never would have thought I would still have the time and opportunity to perform as a concert pianist while continuing to teach the students I love, or that I could be with the love of my life Justin Havre who is also my best friend.
I never in a million years could have imagined the love I would feel and lessons I would learn each day from my two beautiful children, and I DEFINITELY never thought I could survive聽as聽sole provider to support my family as a full-time single parent.聽 I just simply could not have imagined it at the time with what I knew of myself and life so far.
So although my plans turned out COMPLETELY different than what I had in mind 10 years ago, I am eternally grateful that those plans didn’t work out.
I’m still a planner and I love setting my goals and intentions for each year, but reflecting on this past decade I think I’m learning to sit in the mystery. Keep space to聽feed my imagination, and trust that I may be guided to something that I would never even think to dream of yet.
Happy New Year!
Carmen xox