Carmen Morin is the 2016 Recipient of the Horizon Award from Mount Royal University, Alumni Achievement Awards.

Carmen Morin is very proud to be alumni of both Mount Royal University Conservatory Academy program, as well as the MRU Performance Diploma program. Many thanks to James Baillies from MRU’s media time for his production of this video.

Quoted from MRU: Morin excelled in the Conservatory’s Academy for Gifted Youth, finding herself in a like-minded community of musicians and instructors. One of her most memorable moments was representing her country on a performance tour of Mexico on behalf of the Canadian Embassy. As an adult, Morin enrolled in Mount Royal’s Music Performance Diploma program. She bolstered her studies with classes in business and entrepreneurship. At first glance, business and music seem unusual bedfellows, but for Morin these two disciplines form the core of her success.

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