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In this episode…

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Music Mindset Podcast!

When you hear a musician mention the word ‘instrument’ you may immediately think of their piano, violin or cello…but in this episode I want to share the most important instruments that we want to sharpen, train and refine before we even begin our music lesson or practice.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The three instruments of piano playing (and the two that are most often skipped) 
  • Unlocking what I think is one of the most transformative in Piano Foundation Formula program
  • The key to training a high level of ability, and also allow the flow of your thoughts and emotion to connect to your physical movements

There is a lot of information in this episode, so I’ve shared a free worksheet to help you to observe and organize as we discuss these three topics.

Download the worksheet below:

I’d love to stay in touch and hear what your observations bring out for you, be sure to stay in touch and say hello on my instagram page if you’re online.

Talk to you soon,


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