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In this episode…

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Music Mindset Podcast! Anytime we have new students joining our programs, we always like to ask them one very simple question: “Why do you want to learn a musical instrument?” Each answer might be as unique as each individual student, but a very common response we hear is “I just want to keep it fun.” This is a wonderful intention, but raises the discussion: What might we be setting ourselves up for if our top priority is to “keep it fun”.  In this episode we talk about:

  • What happens to your mindset when your priority is to avoid feelings of discomfort in the learning process?
  • The focus training done in Piano Foundation Formula program
  • Music brings so much joy, fun and connection—but is it right to expect the learning process to bring these feelings every step of the way?
  • The 5 signs that your need to “Keep it Fun” may be taking the joy out of the experience
  • 5 Action Steps to embrace and value all aspects of learning and building your musicality

The free worksheet below can be used by teachers, students and parents to explore your mindset if ever you are feeling like your learning is not as ‘fun’ as you expected:

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