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In this episode…

Welcome to episode 5 of the Music Mindset Podcast!

Today I am talking about a topic that I am MOST passionate about. You might think it must be a certain composer, a style of music, or performing…those things are all passions of mine, but none of them would be possible if I didn’t actively study and learn about this topic – PRACTICE.

Join me in this episode, as we discuss:

  • Why all practicing is NOT created equal.
  • Understand why practicing in certain ways can actually make you WORSE
  • What is the core mechanism that we have to harness for practice to become effective
  • Understand why most people never actually experience a representation of their true potential
  • Learn how you can apply this understanding to build ANY skill or character trait
  • The Principles taught in the Piano Foundation Formula Program

As discussed, here is an image of a Myelin Sheath, insulating a neural pathway:

I will dive deeper into unpacking this topic in the next episode, but if there is ONE thing that I want you to fully understand about what happens when you practice, this is it!

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