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In this episode…

Welcome to episode 4 of the Music Mindset Podcast!

In this episode…

We are helping to clarify how you can measure a method of musical training. Whether your reality is that you are learning through an app, self-taught, or have the guidance of a formal teacher, it can be helpful to have clear guidelines to know what to measure to see if you’re improving.

Contrary to something like learning a sport (you can count the number of goals you make to see if you’re improving) improvement in music lessons is not measured by the number of pieces you learn.

  • Share the guidelines you can use to measure what is possible in any method of training
  • Discuss core principles that should be present in quality music training
  • “Methods are many, principles are few!”
  • What technical skill and expressivity can tell you about someone’s musical training
  • How can we define education – is it a state of certainty or tools for inquiry?
  • The ONLY place you should look for these areas to be demonstrated when choosing what’s possible in any learning method or program

Next week we are talking about one of my favourite topics – motivation. What is it? Where does it come from? and why do some people seem to have way more of it than others?

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