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In this episode…

Welcome to episode 2 of the Music Mindset Podcast!

As we move forward into our next episode we are talking all about Internal Limiting Beliefs. Like the Elephant tied to the Tiny stake with the tiny rope, our beliefs are POWERFUL when it comes to confining us.

In this episode…

  • We hear from our very first Podcast Reviewer (thank you to Jessica Erlendson!)
  • Discuss the TRUTH about Short-Term commitments to Music Lessons (and all commitments, for that matter)
  • Learn how powerful a long-term mindset is to your outcome. Did you know that “in a study that followed students in their outcomes on their instrument from age eight all the way to high school, they did a study where both groups practice the same amount of time each day. The group who had a long-term commitment mindset outperformed the group with a short-term commitment mindset by 400%!”
  • Learn how to identify challenges that are rooted in FACT vs those that may be Internal Limiting Beliefs
  • Work through our Limiting Belief Worksheet (below) to identify and examine your internal limiting beliefs

Remember, this exercise is really not about changing anyone’s beliefs. What this is about is trying to identify and pinpoint where we might be getting stuck and how that might be impacting the way that we’re approaching our musical goals and our goals in all other areas where we may face challenges.

Prefer to Read the Content? Download the PDF Transcript Here

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