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34 Meaningful Quotes for Music Educators This post may contain affiliate links, which means I'll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.Sometimes,

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Harnessing The Testing Effect


Welcome to Episode 9 of the Music Mindset Podcast! When you hear “The Testing Effect” it may not sound very glamourous. But in this episode, we reframe testing by unpacking a phenomenon called “the testing effect”. Instead of thinking of testing as something of externalized rankings or marks, active testing can be a powerful and useful tool that you can use in all of your practice, teaching and skill building.

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The Three “Instruments” of Piano Playing


Welcome to Episode 8 of the Music Mindset Podcast! When you hear a musician mention the word ‘instrument’ you may immediately think of their piano, violin or cello…but in this episode I want to share the most important instruments that we want to sharpen, train and refine before we even begin our music lesson or practice.

The Three “Instruments” of Piano Playing2023-11-10T10:55:18+00:00

Discipline Being Freedom with Jen Shukuda


Welcome to episode 7 of the Music Mindset Podcast! Join special guest Jen Shukuda as we discuss ‘Discipline as Freedom”. Jen is a well respected piano teacher, a performer, and a collaborative artist. She has transformed the mindset of countless families and students that she works with through her decades of teaching.

Discipline Being Freedom with Jen Shukuda2023-10-19T07:02:52+00:00

5 Signs Your Need to “Keep it Fun” May be Taking the Joy out of Learning an Instrument


Welcome to Episode 6 of the Music Mindset Podcast! Anytime we have new students joining our programs, we always like to ask them one very simple question: “Why do you want to learn a musical instrument?” Each answer might be as unique as each individual student, but a very common response we hear is “I just want to keep it fun.” This is a wonderful intention, but raises the discussion: What might we be setting ourselves up for if our top priority is to “keep it fun”. In this episode we talk about:

5 Signs Your Need to “Keep it Fun” May be Taking the Joy out of Learning an Instrument2023-10-19T07:02:08+00:00

The Most Important Thing You DON’T Know About Practicing


Welcome to episode 5 of the Music Mindset Podcast! Today I am talking about a topic that I am MOST passionate about. You might think it must be a certain composer, a style of music, or performing…those things are all passions of mine, but none of them would be possible if I didn’t actively study and learn about this topic – PRACTICE.

The Most Important Thing You DON’T Know About Practicing2023-10-19T07:00:52+00:00

Measuring Methods of Musical Training


We are helping to clarify how you can measure a method of musical training. Whether your reality is that you are learning through an app, self-taught, or have the guidance of a formal teacher, it can be helpful to have clear guidelines to know what to measure to see if you’re improving.

Measuring Methods of Musical Training2023-10-19T06:59:16+00:00

5 Mistakes SMART People Make Starting Music Lessons


In our first two episodes, we dug deep into mindset and exploring how and why we learn. Today we are discussing some more practical matters as I share 5 Mistakes that I see very SMART people make when they begin music lessons.

5 Mistakes SMART People Make Starting Music Lessons2023-10-19T06:58:02+00:00

Limiting Beliefs – The TRUTH About Short Term Commitments


Welcome to episode 2 of the Music Mindset Podcast! As we move forward into our next episode we are talking all about Internal Limiting Beliefs. Like the Elephant tied to the Tiny stake with the tiny rope, our beliefs are POWERFUL when it comes to confining

Limiting Beliefs – The TRUTH About Short Term Commitments2023-10-19T06:56:46+00:00

Finding Clarity in Music Lessons


Welcome to our very first episode of the Music Mindset Podcast! Clarity is so important when you are working towards ANY goal, but especially when it comes to deciding you’re going to learn something like a musical instrument. Use this worksheet to develop awareness around the learning process. Put pen to paper and save your answers to be your ‘guiding star’ when you experience challenges or frustrations along the way.

Finding Clarity in Music Lessons2023-10-19T06:53:47+00:00